On-Demand Training for Medical Device Products

Access & Navigation

To access the J&J Customer Connect portal, you must submit a new user registration request to Customer Support Services for review and approval. During self-registration, you will be prompted to enter the following:

During the self-registration process, you will also have the option to include a request for a new Johnson & Johnson customer account to be created which includes your profile information, ability to change or reset your password, ability to change your security questions, and add an account to your profile.

New User Registration

Follow these steps to submit a New User Registration request:

Access the J&J Customer Connect portal Login page (www.jjcustomerconnect.com), and choose your relevant region and country to log on.
Click the Sign Up button to begin the process of requesting new user access.
Country-specific Functionality:
Users from China, Taiwan, Thailand, or Korea will have the option to log in/register in English or in a local language.
If you would like to access training materials and a list of Frequently Asked Questions, please click on the Help link, and you will be redirected to the J&J Customer Connect Training Portal.
If you are unable to log in, or have any questions, you can click on Contact Us. It will prompt a message listing the customer service contact numbers, and an online form to submit your enquiry.
Key Tip:
Please note that up to five files can be uploaded in the Contact Us form. This can be done by using the Control or Shift key while selecting the files from your device.
On the Create Your Profile page, the Medical Devices checkbox will be selected by default.
Select the appropriate radio-button to indicate the type of profile you need to create:
Option 1
If you select Create a profile to access an existing customer account, enter the desired account(s) in the space provided; you can request multiple accounts by separating each account number with a comma.
Option 2
If you select I am not currently a customer, but I would like to apply to become one, a new customer account request will be created on your behalf when you save this request.
Important Information:
If you select Option 2, you will be required to provide your company information before proceeding to the Your Profile section.
Key Tip:
If you do not know your Medical Devices account number, please check a recent invoice or call Customer Support Services.
Option 3
This option is for Internal J&J users only. If you select I am a Johnson & Johnson Operating Companies’ employee, sales representative, or broker:
  • It is mandatory to enter your WWID and Supervisor Email.
  • The Account #/GLN field is optional and is to allow the user to request access to specific SAP Customer sold to accounts. Enter multiple numbers separated by commas (no spaces) to request access to multiple SAP Customer sold to accounts.
Select the Next button to continue to the Your Information section.
If you chose “I am not currently a customer, but I would like to apply to become one” in the profile type, then you will be required to complete an additional Company Information section.
Select the Next button to continue to the Your Information section.
In the Your Information section, select your Permission Level Requested (View Only or Place Orders).
Important Information:
Only request the “Place Orders” permission if you are an authorized buyer.
Enter name and all required business-related information into the Your Information section.
Select the Next button to continue to the Contact Information section.
Enter all required information into the Contact Information section.
Key Tip:
While entering your phone number or mobile number, enter your country code into the smaller box, and if an area code is applicable, please enter it with the rest of your phone number, into the larger box (without any spaces).
Select the Next button to Create your Password.
Enter and re-enter your desired password.
Key Tip:
Your password must be 8 characters or longer and have at least 2 of the following 4 complexity classes: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numerals, non-alpha-numeric characters (such as !, #, $, and %). A progress bar is shown under the password field. The progress bar turns green when you have entered a valid password; it turns red when you have entered an invalid password.
Click Next to continue to the Security Questions section.
In the Security Questions section, define at least 3 security questions. The security questions enable you to reset your password on your own if you do not remember your password.
Click Next to continue to the Terms and Conditions section.
In the Terms and Conditions section, read the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy and select both checkboxes if you agree.
Complete the captcha by clicking on the checkbox next to the “I'm not a robot” message.
Select Submit for Approval to complete the new user registration process.
If you are a J&J employee or sales representative, your Supervisor will receive an email requesting approval of your request for access (for both View Order and Place Order access).
You will receive an email notification confirming whe. After review and approval, you will receive an email notification confirming whether your access request was approved or rejected.
View/Edit My Profile

The My Profile page includes the following available sections:

  • Personal Information
  • Email Preferences
  • Change Password
  • Change Security Questions
  • Add Account

You can change your preferences in the My Profile page at any time.

The steps to view/edit My Profile information are:

Select the My Profile link in the navigation menu to display the My Profile page and the available sections.
On the My Profile page, you can change various information about yourself from the Contact Information section, including your address, your contact number, etc., by following the steps below.
  • Select Contact Information section.
  • Make your desired changes.
  • Select Save Changes to save your changes.
You can change your current password from the Change Password tab by following the steps below.
  • Select the Change Password section.
  • Enter your current password.
  • Enter desired new password and re-enter new password.
  • Select Save Changes to save your changes.
Your security questions provide self-service access to reset your password, if the event you forget your current password. You can change your security questions from the Change Security Questions section by following the steps below.
  • Select Change Security Questions section.
  • Enter your password in the security check prompt and select OK.
  • Make the required changes to the security questions and answers. You must select a minimum of 3 security questions from the options provided.
  • Select Save Changes to save your changes.
Key Tip:
In the event you do not remember your password, you may reset your password by selecting the Forgot Your Password? link on the J&J Customer Connect portal Login page; you will be prompted to answer three of your security questions and, when they are answered correctly, be able to reset your password.
J&J Customer Connect Overview Video

Watch this video to learn about the features of the J&J Customer Connect portal.