On-Demand Training for Medical Device Products

Helpful Resources

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) are provided below. You may also access these FAQs directly on the eCommerce Customer Connect portal under the Helpful Resources section.

General Information

1. What is J&J Customer Connect?
J&J Customer Connect is the name of the Medical Devices customer portal designed to help you easily achieve your business goals by being able to perform functions such as place new orders, check order status and track shipments, and run various order- and product-related reports. The J&J Customer Connect URL is www.jjcustomerconnect.com.
2. Are training resources available online?
Yes, there are in-depth and on-demand training resources available online that include responsive web pages and selected video tutorials. Select the Help link and Training Resources to view detailed step-by-step instructions for each portal feature. You may also access the Training Resources from the Help link on the login page. The direct link to the training portal is (insert link).
3. Who should I contact with a question?
Customers can use the Contact Us form link located within the Help section and on the login page of the portal. You may either submit an online enquiry/message with an email address where we can contact you, or call a customer service representative on the contact numbers provided there.
4. What do I do if I receive a message "Oooops..something went wrong"?
J&J Customer Connect may have encountered a connectivity or other technical issue. Refresh your browser or reconnect to J&J Customer Connect. If the issue persists, please submit a "Website issue'" via the Contact Us function, providing information about what activity was being performed when the message occurred.

Access and Navigation

1. Why am I unable to load the J&J Customer Connect website on my device?
This issue may arise if you are using an internet browser that is not supported by the J&J Customer Connect website. The website is best supported on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 11. If you are using older versions of Internet Explorer, the website may not load.
2. How can someone request access to the J&J Customer Connect portal?
You can follow the self-registration process to request access to the J&J Customer Connect portal. To request access, select Sign Up on the J&J Customer Connect portal login page and enter your information. After submitting your information, you will receive an automated email when your access has been reviewed and approved.
3. Why did I get a prompt to read and accept the Privacy Policy after logging in? I had read and
accepted it while creating my profile.
The Privacy Policy likely has been recently updated; you will receive this prompt whenever it changes. You may have read and accepted an older version. Please read and accept the latest version.
4. I have multiple accounts linked to my profile. How do I select an account to use on the portal?
After you log in, you can see your current selected account located on the top part of the red navigation bar along the left of the page; the account number and name will display. Select the Change Current Account link to display the list of your authorized accounts, along with an account search option. You can search for any of your available accounts and then select the Change Account button to select your desired account. 
5. How long is my password valid for?
Your J&J Customer Connect password is valid for 90 days. A reminder to reset your password will be sent as the expiry date approaches.

Adding Products to Your Cart, Ordering & Price Inquiry

1. Where can I view the product availability and price?
J&J Customer Connect provides availability and price information via the Price Inquiry function. Availability and pricing is also displayed in the Shopping Cart after the Validate task is processed.
2. How many lines can I include in an order upload?
J&J Customer Connect has been successfully tested to support an upload of 200 lines into the Shopping Cart.
3. What does RDD mean?
RDD stands for "Required Delivery Date": it is the date on which you would like to receive the products at your location. The RDD may automatically default depending on your country/region.
4. Can I request a delivery date in the future?
Yes, depending on the market (country/region), a future Requested Delivery Date (RDD) may be entered during the Shopping Cart process.
5. What does Estimated Ship Date mean?
Estimated Ship Date is the date on which the products are planned to be dispatched from a Johnson & Johnson warehouse. Please note the lead time for delivery to your location will be based upon your location and mode of delivery.
6. Can I save an existing order for future use for products that I likely will reorder?
Yes, you can select the Save as Template link from any order entry page or when viewing any existing order (from the Order History page) to save the product codes and quantities as a Template for future use. You will be asked to name the Template. If you select the "Share with All Users" option, this template will be available to everyone with access to the selected account. If you do not select this sharing option, your Template will be marked as “Private” and can only be seen and used by you. The person that created the Template can change these properties at any time.
7. Can I pay an invoice online?
J&J Customer Connect does not support online payments (including credit card and PayPal) at this time. Please contact your local Johnson & Johnson Accounts Receivable Team to discuss payment options.

Order History

1. What do the order statuses mean?
The order status reflects that stage of processing within the Johnson & Johnson SAP system. The following table provides an overview of each status for the order header level.
2. How often is the order status updated?
The activity to update order statuses between the Johnson & Johnson SAP system and J&J Customer Connect occurs on an hourly basis.
3. How often is customer information updated?
The activity to update customer information between the Johnson & Johnson SAP system and J&J Customer Connect occurs on a daily basis.
4. How do I get a copy of an invoice?
Navigate to the Order History report and search for and select the required order.  From the order details page, select Invoice Details link. Click on the + sign next to the Invoice Names to view all the lines in that invoice. You can download a PDF of the invoice. Note: A full history of all orders and invoices is not available from J&J Customer Connect. If your order or invoice is not available, please contact your Customer Support Services group for assistance.
5. I am looking for a past order in Order History, but cannot seem to find it. How do I find the details
for such an order?
J&J Customer Connect does not store full order history.  If the order you require is not included, please contact your Customer Support Service group for assistance.


1. Where can I view my products with a backorder status?
Select the Backorder Detailed Report from the Inventory Analysis report category. Enter your search criteria and execute your search by selecting the Generate Report button. A report of all your backordered items for the selected account(s) will be displayed. You can select any of the search results order number hyperlinks to view more information about that order.
2. What does the Estimated Delivery Date mean for the backordered product?
Estimated Delivery Date (EDD) is the date on which the products are planned to be delivered to your selected ship-to location. This date is based upon the expected availability of the product and the lead time for delivery to your location.

Catalog & Product Search

1. Why am I unable to find a J&J product in the catalog?
Your search option or criteria may not match any valid product codes. Please check your search criteria and amend as required. Products may be excluded from the product catalog when they are not yet available for ordering, or when they have become obsolete.
2. How often is product information updated?
The activity to update product information information between the Johnson & Johnson SAP system and J&J Customer Connect occurs on a daily basis. Note: If product information has been updated but the daily synchronisation has not yet occurred, a message during order placement or price inquiry may be displayed.
3. What does "active with restrictions" mean?
This product status indicates the product is active but there may be some restrictions or conditions for supply. For example, the product is supplied under a Special Access Scheme.