On-Demand Training for Medical Device Products

Catalog & Product Search


The Catalog page allows you to browse for and select products based on franchises and categories.

The Search Products field allows you to find products from the Catalog based on your entered search criteria (e.g., product number, product description, etc.). From the Search Products field results, you can view product details, download product catalog information, and add a selected product to your Shopping Cart to be used as part of a new order.

Catalog Page & Search Field

The steps to browse for and select products from the Catalog page are as follows:

Click Catalog in the navigation menu.
Click the Franchise link to view the products related to your selection.
Alternatively, you can enter product-related criteria (product code, descriptions, or parts of either) into the Search Products field and click the Search icon () to view the list of products matching your search selection.
Choose a Sort by option.
Key Tip:
The Relevance sorting sorts the search results by Status after an applied filter has multiple search results. It displays the Active products first, followed by products having an Active with Restrictions status.
Select the + symbol in front of Show Filters to display the available filters you can select.
Click the XLS button to download an Excel file listing the displayed products.
Click the Product Name link or the image link to view more details about the selected product.
Key Tip:
Selected products may display additional information related to Product Status.
Enter a quantity into the field provided near the product name.
Click the Add to Cart button to add the item to your Shopping Cart.
Country-specific Functionality:
Customers in India can view the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of the product by clicking on the MRP hyperlink.